Building Teacher Trust Through Feedback & Support to Achieve the Growth

Build Teacher Trust

Studies have shown that trust is a key factor in teacher retention and job satisfaction. Trust is vital to building a positive school culture, developing strong teacher-admin relationships, and creating feedback cycles that generate real growth. But how do we work on building teacher  trust? It’s important to remember that trust is a two-way street.…

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3 Steps for Teacher Led Professional Development in Education

3 Steps for Teacher Led Professional Development

The rate at which highly-skilled teachers are leaving the profession is astounding. With so much focus on student learning, teacher learning can become an afterthought. But the two are closely connected, and focusing on the former can help keep great teachers in the classroom. Start by taking a look at your professional development program. A…

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Elevating Teacher Evaluation: From Meeting Minimum Standards to Fostering Ongoing Growth

How to Elevate Teacher Evaluation to Simulate Ongoing Growth

Evaluating teacher effectiveness guarantees high-quality instruction and helps teachers grow. Or does it? Research shows that some models of teacher evaluation have the exact opposite effect. It’s understandable: being evaluated is anxiety-inducing. Imagine going about your work when you become aware that someone is watching and judging your every move. As the evaluator, it’s probably…

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