LEAN Education

Data Dilemma: A Lean Approach to Responding to Student Data

Teaching is an art, and one of the most difficult parts of honing the craft is differentiating to meet all students’ needs. While this task is undeniably challenging, establishing a lean system for feedback allows teachers to easily identify misconceptions and intervene as early as possible. After you’ve given an exit ticket and identified where…

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3 Steps to Creating a Quality Exit Ticket

This well-known formative assessment is one of the best ways for educators to gain valuable insight into students’ understanding.  While they only take a few minutes, exit tickets give students an opportunity to demonstrate and reflect upon their learning, and provide teachers with an efficient measure of mastery. Exit tickets require purposeful planning to produce worthwhile…

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Exit Tickets: A Small Step With a Big Impact

“Does that make sense? It’s a question most teachers are guilty of asking, only to be met by students nodding in agreement. However, among those nods often lies a lot of confusion. While this method is efficient, it is unlikely to be accurate because it isn’t backed by evidence of students’ understanding. And for those…

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A Lean Approach to Education

Our nation’s education system is complex, and today’s educators are up against unprecedented challenges, including the reality of diminishing student achievement.   21st century educators are tasked with providing an education that prepares students for the global, societal, and business demands of modern times. Yet, as educators are being asked to do more, they are…

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