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Bullseye solves the logistical challenges of providing teachers with timely and meaningful feedback, saving time and clearing the path for effective teacher support.

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Feedback and support are essential for the growth and development of teachers, as they not only help to improve classroom instruction but also foster a positive and collaborative professional relationship. Bullseye is a solution to the logistical challenges that often make it difficult for teachers to receive timely and meaningful feedback. In addition to saving users time and helping them stay  more organized, Bullseye facilitates effective teacher support. The result is happier teachers, better instruction, and thriving students.

Check out 5 ways Bullseye helps teachers feel more supported:

1. Instant feedback

Capturing feedback in real-time is beneficial for both the observer and the teacher as it allows for efficient use of time and enables teachers to take immediate action on the feedback they receive. No more waiting on pins & needles wondering why administrators were in their classrooms or speculating on their thoughts and feedback. With instant feedback, everyone wins.

2. Teacher empowerment

Bullseye empowers teachers to take control of their own professional development. It is designed to be used in collaboration with teachers, not against them. One of the key features of Bullseye is its ability to promote self-reflection and goal setting for teachers. By giving teachers the ability to reflect on their own performance, they can identify where they feel they are successful, where they feel they can improve, and what specifically they’d like feedback on from their admin. This approach allows teachers to be more actively engaged in their own professional development, leading to more meaningful and effective feedback.

3. Ease of use

Teachers and Administrators find the format and simplicity of the Bullseye tool helpful because it enables better teacher support in a shorter amount of time. Teachers have ONE place to go to review and reflect on all of their feedback, coaching, & goals rather than all these things living in disparate emails, documents or pieces of paper. By making everything streamlined, digital, and easily accessible, Bullseye removes all the hassle from the feedback process.

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4. Better communication & collaboration

Not only does Bullseye provide instant feedback but it also provides a platform for teachers and admin to collaborate both in-person and asynchronously. Teachers can respond to feedback from their administrators and engage in ongoing communication. Additionally, the ability to set personal goals for themselves allows teachers to clearly communicate to their admin what it is they’re working on and what it is they’d like feedback on. This empowers teachers to take an active role in their own professional development, rather than feeling like they are being evaluated or judged by their administrators. Only when teachers and admin are on the same page can true collaboration take place.

5. Shared instructional language

Bullseye is customized to use each school’s specific rubrics so teachers have a shared language and understanding of how high-quality instruction is defined and what best teaching practices look like.

94% of Bullseye Users...
Have a shared understanding of effective instruction in their schools.
92% of Bullseye Users...
Provide/ receive teacher feedback that directly improves instructional practices.

Bullseye is about growth, not gotcha. By providing teachers with a clear and effective way to track and measure professional growth, Bullseye empowers educators to more easily set goals, make progress, and achieve more in the classroom.

We’re always happy to help and provide input where we can. If you have questions about your instructional support system, we’d love to talk to you. Schedule a complimentary strategy session with a Bullseye expert!

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