A targeted approach to refreshing learning

Through technology and professional services, we help schools and learners take a targeted approach to achieving their goals.



"We were committed to having a data-driven culture in our school - but it was just so hard to make it happen...until we found Bullseye."

Chelsea Vanacore
Founder & Principal
College Bound Academy

Every school is different. Get exactly what you need.

Custom solutions

We work with leadership to deeply understand their goals and then partner to plan, implement and execute strategies for reliably achieving success.

Purposeful data in less time

Time is precious so Bullseye is designed to help you focus on exactly what matters. Data-driven improvement just got way easier.

One place for everything

A simple place to store everything. No more shared drives and folders, learning numerous systems, or complicated reports. One easy-to-use system.

A single system with tailored experiences for students, teachers, instructional coaches, principals and families.



"Bullseye is by far the best data collection platform I have used as an educator. No other company has ever been willing to build and finesse data platforms to get our teachers the exact data they need, broken down precisely the way they need it."

 Tacey Clayton
Principal and CEO
CASA Academy

TClayton (2)
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"Bullseye is the best technology we’ve ever used at College Bound Academy. Bullseye takes the “guesswork” out of data analysis. This product is the perfect tool for new teachers and veteran educators alike...

As an instructional coach, administrator, and someone who consistently steps in to cover classrooms—I am able to use Bullseye in every form and fashion, no matter what specific tasks I am responsible for each day.

Maria Ackermann
Instructional Coach & Administrator
College Bound Academy


"Bullseye has transformed my classroom data collection. Bullseye allows me to judge whether or not I can call a lesson successful, or if I need to re-teach an objective.

Comparing formative and summative data left me with no surprises when I gave my summative assessment and provided me with a much clearer picture of what skills and standards my students have mastered."

Marissa Friedman
2nd Grade Teacher
DC Public Schools


An all-in-one school data system that meets you where you are, and gets you to where you want to be.

Student Module

Stop using paper trackers, post-its, endless spreadsheets, and confusing tools. Save yourself time and help your students excel with simple and actionable data systems.

Professional Module

Teachers are your most valuable resource. Accelerate their growth through targeted coaching using simplified observation tracking, video storage, easy analysis, and more.

Additional Services

You don’t have time to be intentional about everything. We help build your school’s problem-solving capacity and then work with your team to design and implement solutions.

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