Better Support Leading to Big Growth in Louisiana

St. Landry Parish School Board (SLPSB) serves more than 13,000 students across 35 schools in the great state of Louisiana. Check out how the district has prioritized instructional support to help drive real student growth.

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St. Landry Parish School Board (SLPSB) is a K-12 district in Louisiana comprised of 35 schools.

SLPSB’s mission is to deliver high-quality instruction while working closesly with families and communities to help each student reach their full potential. In July 2021, SLPSB teamed up with Bullseye to tackle their instructional support challenges.


SLPSB faced inconsistencies in teacher support across the district.

These inconsistencies led to difficulties aligning admin and staff to an instructional vision and limited its impact on teachers and students. The district found that schools were not visiting classrooms consistently and were attempting to create disjointed systems through google forms or email. The lack of systems and visibility made it challenging for leaders to provide meaningful support to administrators in their efforts to support teachers and ultimately impact student learning.

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The SLPSB team partnered with Bullseye to streamline their instructional support systems.

Bullseye allowed administrators to conduct classroom walkthroughs in a centralized platform, using a consistent language aligned with their custom framework. In the first year, the focus was on building administrator buy-in, which led to 100% adoption across the district and over 1,300 Bullseye walkthrough, coaching, and reflection sessions captured.

In the second year, the team aimed to make support even more personalized and goal-oriented for teachers. Each teacher was able to set their own goals in the system, providing administrators with real-time data on what each teacher wanted to work on. This ensured that each teacher received support tailored to their needs and professional goals. As of February 2023, the team has already captured over 1,800 sessions in Bullseye.

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Since partnering with Bullseye, SLPSB has seen remarkable growth:

  • Student test scores grew more than 7 times the average rate of Louisiana districts with more than 10,000 students.

  • SLPSB had the highest year-over-year growth of any Louisiana district with more than 10,000 students.

  • St. Landry schools that used Bullseye at an above average rate grew test scores at 1.9x the rate of schools using Bullseye at a below average rate.

  • Two SLPSB schools were among the top 6 of 1500+ schools in Louisiana in terms of standard score growth:

    • Opelousas Junior High School had the 3rd highest growth in average student scores among all schools in Louisiana, with a 270% increase in average standard score from SY20-21 to SY21-22.

    • Arnaudville Middle School had the highest Bullseye usage in the district with 8.4 Bullseye sessions per teacher, four times the district average of 2.2 sessions per teacher. This resulted in a 29% increase in average standard score from SY20-21 to SY21-22.
  • SLPSB Superintendent Jenkins named the 2023 Louisiana  Superintendent of the Year by the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS).


“Time is not our ally in education—every moment counts—so being able to get immediate feedback to our teachers to help them to grow is critically important. But also, working with Bullseye’s customer support team, being able to get an immediate response when we reach out has also been vital in growing our systems… So Bullseye’s impact on time, teacher support (especially new teachers), and student achievement & growth has been critically important for our district.”

Patrick Jenkins
Superintendent, SLPSB

Find a time to see how Bullseye can be customized for your school or district!

Your teachers will be glad you did.

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