Student-Centered Mentoring for Teachers

Suporting teachers through a student-centered lens via Bullseye is an effective method for fostering meaningful mentoring relationships and promoting instructional growth.

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This is the story of Dr. Amanda Brueggeman, renowned expert in student-centered mentoring, and Hannah, a passionate new teacher eager to make a difference in her students' lives.

In the sections to follow, we’ll explore their journey in detail, highlighting how they harnessed the functionalities of Bullseye, navigated challenges, and achieved remarkable success. Check out Dr. B and Hannah’s story around student-centered teacher mentoring to see how you can foster more meaningful mentor relationships and promote instructional growth.


Their collaboration focused on a core question: How can we foster greater student outcomes by shifting the lens towards student development?

Starting with a central premise, Dr. B and Hannah decided to dive into the depths of student-centered teaching. They recognized that traditional methods, while valuable, often focus too heavily on the teacher’s performance without considering the true aim: student growth and learning.

It posed a significant challenge: how could they shift their attention and efforts to foster student outcomes directly? In other words, they sought to redefine their teaching and mentoring relationship, centering it around the question, “Are the students developing skills?” This transformation demanded a tool that could facilitate their collaboration, track their progress, and empower them with feedback and goal setting – that’s where Bullseye came into the picture.


Implementing Bullseye: A Game-Changer in Student-Centered Mentoring

The solution to their challenge came in the form of Bullseye, an innovative platform designed for teacher coaching, goal setting, feedback, and personalized professional development. Using Bullseye, Dr. B and Hannah were able to track their journey, set clear and attainable goals, and give and receive consistent feedback.

The platform facilitated their collaboration and provided them with actionable data, guiding their decisions and strategies. Bullseye’s easy-to-use features allowed them to focus on what mattered most: a student-centered approach. With Bullseye, they transformed their teaching practices and found a new way to mentor, not just focusing on the teacher’s methods, but keeping the students’ skills development at the heart of their efforts. This approach has not only revolutionized their mentoring relationship but also yielded remarkable results in their classroom.

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Hannah & Her Students' Remarkable Growth:

By the end of the school year, Hannah’s personal efficacy beliefs improved by an impressive 16%, reflecting her newfound confidence and skill as an educator. Her students, too, flourished under this new approach. Their observed metacognitive self-regulated strategies saw an astounding improvement of 53%, a testament to Hannah’s effective teaching and their shared commitment to growth.

Hannah's personal efficacy beliefs improved by


Hannah's students' observed metacognitive self-regulated strategies improved by


With Bullseye, Dr. B and Hannah were able to collaborate to foster a learning environment that centered on student development and success. Their story demonstrates the transformative power of Bullseye in empowering teachers and catalyzing student growth.

“Hannah’s growth this year has been nothing short of phenomenal. She has visibly become more confident in her abilities and her students have flourished as a result.”

Amanda Brueggeman, Ed.D.
ACBrueggeman Consulting

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