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Bullseye’s customizable, easy-to-use platform simplifies the logistical challenges of instructional leadership by housing everything in one place so that you can focus your time and energy on building relationships and accelerating growth within your organization.

Personalize the Platform
We’ll help you seamlessly move your school or district’s coaching & feedback processes into a single system. We handle the heavy lifting — you get a customized instructional support system that fits your every need.

Create a meaningful space for your admin and teachers to set their own personalized goals and reflect on how they might better achieve those. Use your teachers’ goals and personal insights to provide more valuable ongoing coaching & support.

Using Bullseye during a Walkthrough, you can easily see a teacher’s goal and capture images, videos, and notes on any device. Doing Walkthroughs with Bullseye will save you time and enhance your feedback, allowing you to get into more classrooms to provide meaningful support.

Bullseye visualizes your data in real-time. With Bullseye’s analytics, you can quickly see your organization’s most relevant trends, making data-driven instructional leadership easier than ever.

We want to see your school and district be wildly successful. Your customer success manager is there to support and guide you along your entire Bullseye journey as you coach and support your teachers.

Save Time, Stay Organized, See Growth!

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Believe they have the ability to positively affect student engagement and learning.

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Bullseye saves them time, and keeps them more organized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullseye customizable? Can we put our custom framework into Bullseye?

Yes! Bullseye is completely customizable. We will personalize your platform to whichever teaching framework your school(s) would like to use.

It does! Bullseye will work on whatever device that works best for you.

You can. We understand that goals change and you need a platform that can easily adapt to your current needs.

Absolutely! Not only does it come with upfront training, you will also get all the additional ongoing support you need.

Bullseye can be fully up and running in a matter of days! We make it quick and easy to effectively implement Bullseye at your organization.

They love it! We are constantly taking in all the feedback and data we can to make sure this is an enjoyable platform for all learners.

Since we build your Bullseye platform to be personalized for your school or district, our pricing is also personalized to fit your needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all platform, so our pricing isn’t either. Let us give you a customized quote today!

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