How Principals Are Improving Teacher Coaching

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Introducing Easier Teacher Coaching

Bullseye's customizable, easy-to-use platform simplifies the logistical challenges of teacher coaching so that you can focus on accelerating teacher growth.

  1. Simply capture your observations

  3. Immediately communicate feedback

  5. Visualize individual and school trends

Product Features

Conduct Walkthroughs on Any Device

Quickly and easily capture in the moment feedback using a cell phone, tablet or computer.

Capture, Upload & Store Video

Empower teachers to reflect on and improve their own practice using the power of video.

Communicate Feedback Instantaneously

Provide high quality feedback to teachers with the click of a button. No more writing emails or scanning papers.

Analyze School-wide Trends

Leverage automatic reporting to identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for targeted professional development.

Bullseye Improves Coaching, Teaching & Learning

AJ Headshot

"Bullseye has provided me with a digital format to track teacher's progress around specific learning environment and instructional indicators of our district rubric. Having the ability to repeatedly log and view data by individual teacher or all teachers at one school allows for the observation of trends and the ability to prioritize coaching time and targets."

Andrea Keglovits
New Teacher Support Partner
Denver Public Schools

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