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Why Teachers Love Bullseye

90% of users say Bullseye saves them time. And time is something all instructional leaders and teachers could use more of. The Bullseye platform solves logistical challenges that make it difficult to provide teachers with timely and meaningful feedback. Bullseye saves time to clear the path for effective teacher support and in turn, happier teachers, better instruction, and thriving students.

How Bullseye Allows for Happier Teachers, 
Better Instruction, & Thriving Students

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Teachers receive instant feedback.

The most valued Bullseye feature is the ability to provide teachers with immediate and actionable feedback after a walkthrough. Capturing feedback “on-the-spot” saves time for the observer and allows teachers to act on feedback right away.

Bullseye gives teachers a voice.

Teachers love that Bullseye is a tool used in collaboration with teachers, not against them. In Bullseye, teachers have a say in their own professional development. With features like self-reflection and personal goals, teachers are able to identify where they feel they are successful, where they feel they can improve, and what specifically they’d like feedback on from their admin. 

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Bullseye is easy to use.

Teachers and Administrators find the format and simplicity of the Bullseye tool helpful because it enables better teacher support in a shorter amount of time. By making everything streamlined, digital, and easily accessible, Bullseye removes all the hassle from the feedback process.

Bullseye facilitates communication.

Teachers like that the Bullseye platform provides a common tool for asynchronous collaboration and coaching. In the Bullseye platform, teachers can respond to feedback from their administrators and engage in ongoing communication.

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Bullseye creates a shared language.

No longer are instructional expectations vague; Bullseye is customized to use each school’s specific rubrics so teachers have a shared language and understanding of how high-quality instruction is defined and what best teaching practices look like.


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Have a shared understanding of effective instruction in their schools.


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Provide/ receive teacher feedback that directly improves their instructional practice.

Bullseye is all about growth, not gotcha.

Bullseye’s non-obtrusive approach to evaluations, rooted in coaching, puts teachers at ease. Teachers view feedback through a “Growth, Not Gotcha” lens when feedback is more meaningful, authentic, and collaborative. Bullseye allows teachers the ability to visualize their professional growth and track their individual progress.

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of Bullseye Users say...

Bullseye helps to target better professional learning opportunities for teachers.


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Bullseye plays a significant role in driving instructional growth in their schools.


"When you are able to attach a video and/or photos to the observation, it makes it more meaningful for the teacher. They are watching and reflecting on their current classroom and students, not a theory or idea from a textbook. It also gives you a library of videos to help with modeling and good examples for professional development from your model teachers."

Jill Wheeler
Instructional Coach, Mount Ayr Elementary School


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Bullseye keeps them more organized.


of Bullseye Users say...

Bullseye saves them time.

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