The Student Module

Equipped with Bullseye, teachers are instantly able to do more for their students in less time.

  • Formative data tracking to respond quickly to student needs
  • Summative assessment tools for deep dive analysis
  • Social emotional and behavior tracking to support the whole child
  • Attendance and persistence data tracking to manage logistics
  • Easy to use reports to inform planning and execution
  • Targeted interventions to support all students

Daily Dashboard

Exit Ticket Tracking

Progress Monitoring

Assessment Tool

Data Management

Actionable Reporting

Targeted Interventions

Self Assessment Tool


"My data tracking is now efficient and paperless, and analyzing my classroom data is helping me make sure my content differentiation is specific and intentional.”

Karina Chung
College Bound Academy

“I’m able to quickly track and analyze student data; improving my ability to identify gaps and target specific skills in my instruction.”

Samantha Kadis
Rocky Mountain Prep

"The data is clean and allows me to group my students by performance and easily share that information with families or administrators."

Anthony White
Cyril Wengert Elementary

"Switching assessment tools can be very stressful and confusing. While I was nervous at first about switching to Bullseye, I'm so glad my school made the change!"

Chelsea Stinson
CASA Academy

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