A Targeted Approach
to Continuous Improvement

Define your ideal school community and
start taking measured action towards
making it a reality.

Every Milestone And Inflection Point In Your Schools Matters.

We help capture those moments for targeted action and learning. Bullseye provides the in the moment tool that gives teachers time back in their day and administrators the views you need every morning.


Easy & Actionable Software

In the moment mastery based data collection that empowers students, teachers and administrators to continuously improve their work, instruction, curriculum and school systems using real-time data and actionable analytics.


  • Formative data tracking
  • Summative assessment tools
  • Social-emotional and behavior tracking
  • Actionable reporting
  • Targeted inventions
  • Score observations in context to rubric
  • Upload videos and capture notes
  • Design targeted PD using school-wide trends
  • Leverage teacher profiles to empower self-driven growth
  • Targeted school culture initiatives
  • Easy & automated staff, student and parent feedback on school culture
  • Data driven continuous improvement for school culture

School Consulting

Targeted Initiatives

  • Instructional Coaching Systems
  • Data Collection Systems and Protocols
  • Student and Adult Culture Dynamics
  • Continous Improvement and Organizational Efficiency Systems

Automated Reporting

  • Custom built for each school, network & district
  • Spanish and English report cards
  • Board reporting Materials for data analysis
  • Visualizations of whole school trend data

Full Strategic Refresh

  • 3-year Ideal School Vision refresh
  • Visualization of roles and responsibilities
  • Identification and implementation of required human and technology systems
  • Thought Partner strategy check-ins

Staff Capacity Building

  • Creation of an internal School Design Team
  • Visualization of roles and responsibilities
  • Defining credentials required for success
  • Facilitation of staff self-reflection and planning
  • PD sessions on Continuous improvement, lean execution, time management and efficiency

What Educators Are Saying

"The beauty of Bullseye is that it is completely customizable to fit the needs of our entire school, individual teachers, and our administrative team. We use Bullseye for everything. From academic outcomes, to daily persistence and attendance data, to student and adult culture management; Bullseye is the platform I've been wanting for years."

- Chelsea Vanacore - Founder & Principal - College Bound Academy

"Bullseye has transformed my classroom data collection. Bullseye allows me to judge whether or not I can call a lesson successful, or if I need to re-teach an objective."

- Marissa Friedman - Teacher - DC Public Schools