Creating Consistency Across Admin Feedback: How To Calibrate & Improve Feedback

January 20, 2022 | Dr. Trevor Soponis

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Creating Consistency Across Admin Feedback: How To Calibrate & Improve Feedback

August 20, 2021 | Dr. Trevor Soponis

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When it comes to improving instruction and building a positive school culture, feedback is key. However, inconsistent feedback can lead to confusion and frustration among teachers. In fact, studies have shown that inconsistent feedback is one of the top reasons why teachers leave their jobs. To ensure that your teachers are receiving consistent, high-quality feedback, it's important to calibrate your administrators' observations and feedback. One effective way to do this is by conducting calibration walks.

A calibration walk is when administrators observe a lesson together and then discuss what they observed. During the walk, administrators should focus on identifying the strengths and areas for growth of the teacher and the instruction. The goal is to ensure that all administrators are observing and providing feedback in a consistent manner. Here's a step by step guide on how to conduct a calibration walk:

1. Prepare for the walk

Before the walk, administrators should review the instructional framework together to make sure there is a shared language and vision. This will help them focus on the key areas they should be observing during the lesson.

2. Observe the lesson

During the lesson, administrators should take notes on what they observe, focusing on the teacher's instruction, student engagement, and learning outcomes.

3. Discuss the observations

After the lesson, administrators should meet to discuss their observations. They should compare notes and align on the highest leverage action step/area of improvement for the teacher.

4. Provide feedback

After aligning on the feedback, administrators should aggregate their feedback into a single document or session to deliver to the teacher so that everything lives in one place.

By conducting calibration walks, administrators can ensure that they are providing consistent, high-quality feedback to teachers. This can help improve instruction, build trust with teachers, and create a positive school culture.



Kayleigh Colombero
Founder & Superintendent, Etoile Academy Charter School

At Etoile Academy, Founder & Superintendent Kayleigh Colombero and her administrative team co-observe two lessons per month. After briefly observing the lesson, they discuss what they observed and what they believe to be the highest leverage action step/ area of improvement. After aligning on feedback, they'll designate one admin to capture that feedback into a Bullseye session to send to that teacher so as to avoid multiple sessions/ any confusion.

At Bullseye, we understand the importance of consistent feedback in schools, which is why our platform is designed to streamline classroom observations, provide actionable feedback, and guarantee that all feedback and coaching lives in one, easily accessible place.

We’re always happy to help and provide input where we can. If you have questions about your instructional support system, we’d love to talk to you. Schedule a complimentary strategy session with a Bullseye expert!

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