How Texas Principals Are Coaching Teachers Virtually & In Person

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Texas Case Study

Bullseye proudly partners with innovative Texas districts and schools, including Houston’s Étoile Academy and Everman ISD.


Students and staff are out of the building and engaging in Distance Learning, making it difficult for administrators to know if there are appropriate supports in place. On top of that, instructional leadership can often be mistaken for being a one-sided conversation, causing teachers to feel unheard and under appreciated.


With Bullseye, schools are continuing to provide supportive coaching to teachers in-person and virtually. Administrators are taking a strengths-based feedback approach to instructional leadership, engaging in positive teacher-admin collaboration. This both builds collective efficacy by creating meaningful dialogue around common goals and establishes continuity across learning environments.

Step-by-Step Approach

Bullseye partners are successfully creating effective and supportive remote coaching systems by implementing the following best practices:

  1. Define Success: Leverage Bullseye’s Distance Learning framework (or customize your own).

  2. Determine Priorities: Identify high-impact areas to observe, creating a shared focus amongst admin and teachers.

  3. Create Schedules: Ensure Distance Learning goals are being met by creating schedules for consistent observations.

  4. Capture Strengths & Questions: Use Bullseye to capture and streamline strengths-based feedback to teachers and initiate meaningful dialogue with probing questions.

  5. Debrief Together: Share noticings and wonderings, and collaborate with teachers, the experts of their Distance Learning classroom, to understand what supports they need moving forward.

Partner Success

Bullseye partners are successfully creating effective and supportive in-person and remote coaching systems using Bullseye. See what the Lead Founder & Superintendent of Houston's Étoile Academy Charter School had to say: 



"Bullseye allows me to capture and streamline strengths-based feedback to my teachers so together we can celebrate where they are successful and collaborate on areas of growth."

Kayleigh Colombero
Lead Founder & Superintendent
Étoile Academy Charter School


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