Additional Services

For Schools, Networks, and Districts!

Targeted Initiatives

  • Instructional Coaching Systems
  • Data Collection Systems and Protocols
  • Student and Adult Culture Dynamics
  • Continuous Improvement and Organizational Efficiency Systems

Staff Capacity Building

  • Creation of an internal School Design Team
  • Visualization of roles and responsibilities
  • Defining credentials required for success
  • Facilitation of staff self-reflection and planning
  • PD sessions on continuous improvement, lean execution, time management and efficiency

Full Strategic Refresh

  • 3-year Ideal School Vision refresh
  • Visualization of roles and responsibilities
  • Identification and implementation of required human and technology systems
  • Thought Partner strategy check-ins

Automated Reporting

  • Custom built for each school, network & district
  • Spanish and English report cards
  • Board reporting
  • Materials for data analysis
  • Visualizations of whole school trend data

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